Hx Nitro Quick User Guide

Hx Nitro Quick User Guide

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    • Hx Nitro Inks MSDS

      Below are Safety Data Sheets for Hx Nitro inks. These documents provide useful information on the substance/mixture, its hazards to humans and the environment, handling information and recommendation, storage, and emergency measure in case of an ...
    • Hx Catalogue

      Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer Hx Cartro Carton Coder Printer
    • How do I access Hx Manager dashboard?

      You can access Hx Manager through the specific IP address from Hx Nitro’s built in Wi Fi or connect it thru Access Point (Company’s Wi Fi).
    • Why should I buy your printer against other printers in the market?

      Hx Nitro is better than other inkjet printer in the market because it is… Easy to use and very user-friendly Low-cost of ownership Maintenance of Hx Nitro is simple and can be done inhouse; thus, no need for expensive annual service contract or even ...
    • Can I print both French and English language?

      Yes, Hx Nitro can print multi-language including both French & English.